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Navigate treatment paths with clarity using our comprehensive
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Empowering Patient Care With Tailored
Oncology Transcription Services

OutsourceRCM (ORCM) provides tailored Oncology Transcription Services for oncologists, hematologists-oncologists, cancer care clinics, and healthcare facilities. With the oncology landscape projecting 26 million new cancer cases and 17 million deaths by 2030, our services address the complexity of oncology documentation.

ORCM alleviates the burden of 16.7 weekly hours spent on paperwork, empowering medical oncologists to focus on patients and research. Our HIPAA-compliant services ensure accurate, stress-free documentation backed by U.S.-based transcriptionists. Experience our proven 98% accuracy rating and swift turnaround times.


Enhance Accuracy With ORCM’s Oncology Transcription Services

Our skilled oncology transcribers meticulously rectify inconsistencies, verify demographic accuracy, and enhance report precision. Enhance efficiency, focusing on patient care while we perfect your documentation. As part of our comprehensive oncology transcription services, we extend our expertise to transcribing the following:

SOAP Notes

ORCM’s certified medical transcriptionists help enhance patient care with meticulously transcribed SOAP notes that offer clear insights for informed decisions.

Consultation Notes

Our medical transcription experts deliver comprehensive consultation notes, ensuring seamless interdisciplinary communication.

Patient Charts

Our certified oncology transcribers ensure precise patient history tracking with meticulous transcription of patient charts, enabling personalized care.

CT Scans

Our medical transcription services help attain clarity in diagnostic processes with transcribed CT scan reports, ensuring precision in treatment.

Follow-up Reports

ORCM’s precisely transcribed follow-up reports aid in the seamless tracking of patient progress, ensuring effective continuity of care.

Cancer Staging Reports

OutsourceRCM’ extensive experience helps drive accurate treatment planning with accurate transcription of cancer staging reports.

Pathology Tests

Our experienced transcriptionists deliver precise pathology test report transcripts with detailed results interpretation, ensuring accurate treatment.

Chemotherapy Charts and Reports

ORCM’s transcriptionists help navigate intricate treatment protocols with transcribed chemotherapy charts and reports.

Operative Reports

Our transcribed operative reports provide a clear narrative of procedures, fostering optimal post-operative care.

Bone Marrow Transplantation Reports

ORCM’s specialized team navigates complex procedures with accurately transcribed bone marrow transplantation reports.

About Us

Unlock Precision with OutsourceRCM’
Oncology Transcription Services

For over a decade, OutsourceRCM has been at the forefront of delivering specialized Oncology Transcription Services. Our seasoned medical transcriptionists understand the critical medical and legal aspects of patient record transcription, ensuring accuracy. ORCM’s HIPAA-compliant services relieve documentation burdens, enabling healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to patient-centric activities.

Experience The Multiple Benefits
of ORCM’s Oncology Medical Transcription

Partnering with OutsourceRCM for specialized Oncology Transcription Services helps address the distinctive
challenges faced by oncologists, cancer care clinics, and hospitals. Outsource medical transcription to
OutsourceRCM to leverage the following advantages:

Assured Data Security Procedures
Assured Data Security
At OutsourceRCM, we utilize secure servers for data downloads and encrypted FTP for file transfer, ensuring your peace of mind during exchange.
Cost-Effective Services
Cost-Effective Services
Our oncology medical transcription services are customizable, offering options like hourly rates, per-character billing, and unit-based charges.
HIPAA Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
ORCM is a HIPAA-compliant oncology transcription service provider, prioritizing the security of patient-specific Protected Health Information (PHI).
Specialized Infrastructure
Specialized Infrastructure
Equipped with advanced tools and software, our latest infrastructure and experienced workforce guarantee seamless oncology transcription.
Precision and Quality
Precision and Quality
Maintaining a 98% accuracy rate above industry standards, our skilled quality assurance team meticulously handles your project to ensure precision.
Flexible Turnaround Times
Flexible Turnaround Times
With swift turnaround times, Our services are tailored to your specific requirements, accommodating urgent needs without compromising on quality.

Experience The ORCM Difference with Oncology Transcription Success Stories

Discover the realm of the real-world impact of OutsourceRCM' Oncology Transcription Services. Our detailed case studies unravel the narratives of transformation, where our precision in transcription has played a pivotal role.

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Partner with OutsourceRCM today for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and profit in your medical practice!