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Summary Transcription

Streamline workflows by outsourcing hospital discharge summary transcription
services to OutsourceRCM, for accurate, timely, and efficient medical documentation

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OutsourceRCM: Transforming Patient
Hospital Discharge Summaries with
Expert Medical Transcription

Elevate patient care and streamline healthcare documentation by employing our hospital discharge summary transcription services. Our adept teams maintain a 99% accuracy rate, while our HIPAA-compliant approach ensures reinforced data security.

OutsourceRCM is an experiened healtcare support services provider, offering swift turnarounds, customized formats, and substantial cost reductions of over 30% on operational overheads. With a decade of experience, our dedicated experts offer precise medical record transcription within 4 to 24 hours, complemented by uninterrupted 24/7 customer support.

Choose OutsourceRCM for seamless and reliable healthcare transcription services for timely patient discharge summaries.

Supporting Healthcare with Reliable Patient Discharge Summary Transcription Services

We cover every aspect of medical transcription for an accurate patient discharge summary, ensuring timely and efficient healthcare operations. This includes:

Emergency Room Notes

Swiftly transcribing critical ER details for prompt medical attention.

Complete Diagnostic Notes

Accurate records of comprehensive diagnoses for informed patient care.

Prescription Transcription

Transforming prescriptions into precise and accessible medical records.

Medical Test Transcription

Converting intricate test results into clear, actionable reports.

Medical History Transcription

Documenting patients' health journey for comprehensive treatment plans.

Admission/Discharge Transfer (ADT)

Seamlessly capturing patient transfers for streamlined care coordination.

Discharge Summary Reports

Crafting comprehensive summaries to ensure seamless post-care transitions.

Our Process: Delivering Seamless Patient
Discharge Summary Medical Transcriptions

We follow a meticulous process to attentively, securely, and accurately file each patient's hospital discharge
summary, as follows:

Receiving Audio/Text Files
Receiving Audio/Text Files
We acquire audio/text files of the summary securely via encrypted email or SFTP transfer. This encompasses medical test reports, such as x-rays and scans.
Transcribing Reports
Transcribing Reports
Our team of expert medical transcriptionists transcribe the reports after meticulously reviewing the audio files or handwritten notes.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
The transcriptions undergo a rigorous two-tier quality assurance process. Throughout, we ensure compliance with international standards like HIPAA/HL7.
Data Compilation
Data Compilation
The transcribed reports are collated and structured into a standardized template format tailored to your specific needs.
Transcribed Document Submission
Transcribed Document Submission
Within 24 hours, the transcribed summary documents are delivered to you via a secure FTP server or encrypted emails, maintaining utmost confidentiality.
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Quality-Assured, Prompt Hospital Discharge Transcriptions

Experience top-notch medical data security with our uncompromising privacy policy that ensures compliance with industry best practices. Embrace flexibility without the need for long-term contracts as we give you the freedom to choose from flexible pricing structures and engagement models. Enjoy the convenience of round-the-clock support, extensive experience, advanced technology, and rigorous multi-tier quality assurance ensure accurate discharge summary transcription services all throughout.

Success Stories: Achieving Excellence with OutsourceRCM' Hospital Discharge Transcription Services

Dive into our case studies to witness how outsourcing medical transcription services to OutsourceRCM' has revolutionized healthcare establishments' operations.

Delivering Comprehensive and Accurate Rehabilitation Transcription Services for Indianopolis-based Medical Foundation Moving to a New EHR Software

Deploying Timely and Efficient Rehabilitation Transcription Services for a Client based in Avon, Indianapolis to Harness a New EHR System

Boosting Staff Productivity and Reducing Claims Management Time by Deploying Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions for California-based Specialty Pharmacy

Partner with OutsourceRCM today for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and profit in your medical practice!