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Health Insurance Firm Teams Up With OutsourceRCM, Achieves 40% Cost Savings and 50% Productivity Boost

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  • The client, a well-known California-based health insurance company, sought a scalable solution for managing business growth and improving service efficiency.
  • OutsourceRCM provided an all-inclusive solution including workflow optimization, quality control, back-office support, task categorization, and project management.
  • The solution resulted in significant cost reduction and improved productivity.

The Story of our Customer

  • Based out of California, our renowned health insurance client specializes in delivering tailored, need-based coverage to its workforce in the United States.
  • As the enterprise grew rapidly, managing a growing customer base became a challenge. A strategic adjustment of resources and time was needed to meet increasing customer needs.
  • The client wanted our help to improve operational efficiency without sacrificing quality or cost-effectiveness. Our partnership resulted in a durable and scalable solution.

The challenge faced by our Customer

Here are the key challenges we faced during the project, each demanding strategic attention and innovative solutions for client understanding, task prioritization, and quality control & cost management.

  • Client Understanding and Team Designation: The challenge involved understanding the client's work process, creating a tailored workflow and assigning a dedicated team.
  • Task Prioritization: This involved strategic planning to address urgent or significant tasks first based on their importance.
  • Quality Control and Cost Management: The aim was to refine quality control, errors and manage costs and time efficiently.

The Solution

To ensure that we met all client requirements, we introduced a three-pronged approach focusing on workflow optimization, stringent quality control and task delegation, along with dedicated project management.

  • Workflow Optimization: Implemented a workflow map and back-office support team for efficient process flow.
  • Quality Control and Task Delegation: Created a multi-tier control team and categorized tasks for specialized teams.
  • Project Management: Appointed a project manager for timely plan execution and single-point contact.

The Result

The outcome of our solution resulted in significant benefits, encompassing:

  • Achieved operational cost savings of up to 40%.
  • Attained a remarkable 50% increase in productivity.
  • Implemented advanced operational processes to optimize performance.
  • Ensured timely completion of the majority of tasks.

Our adept execution of the devised strategies effectively addressed our client's challenges, delivering exceptional efficiency and realizing the above mentioned advantages.

Leverage OutsourceRCM to Serve the Customers Better

OutsourceRCM is a leading business process outsourcing firm with five global centers. We offer a range of services including inbound support and outbound call center solutions. Our approach combines human expertise, technology, infrastructure support and quality assurance to enhance your business operations.

If you seek a dependable, lucrative and synergistic healthcare BPO partner to reach your goals, you can contact us promptly.