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OutsourceRCM offers billing services for mental health providers to maximize profits, simplify medical coding, and focus on healing while we administer increased efficiency

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Empower Your Practice with Comprehensive Mental Health Billing Services

At OutsourceRCM, we understand that a successful treatment plan must encompass patients' mental health progress notes and long-term treatment strategies. Having been in the medical billing industry since 2004, we provide mental health billing services for institutions to ensure the completeness of their revenue cycle by managing all records with accuracy and confidentiality.

We prioritize patient data security through encrypted servers and stringent access controls, fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. Focus on Care and entrust your mental health billing to us. We’ll ensure efficient financial management while you concentrate on patient well-being. Experience unmatched responsiveness to billing and coding inquiries with our round-the-clock support.


We Handle Your Mental Health Billing Services With Care

By outsourcing to your trusted behavioral health billing company OutsourceRCM, you can streamline finance operations and enhance patient satisfaction by delivering the best care to them. Our specialized mental health billing services include:

Claims Processing

Streamline the entire claims process, from preparing and submitting claims to insurance companies or payers to ensuring timely processing and reimbursement.

Payment Posting

Accurately record and post payments received from insurance companies or patients, reconciling them against the submitted claims for precise financial tracking.

Follow-Up and Claim Appeals

Proactively follow up on submitted claims, monitor their status, and appeal any denials or discrepancies to ensure maximum reimbursement for your mental health services.

Patients' Benefits Verification

The team verifies patients' insurance coverage and benefits, ensuring accurate billing and minimizing surprises related to insurance coverage.

Patients Billing

Generate and manage patient statements for any outstanding balances, providing clear and transparent billing information to patients for a smooth payment process.

Digital Data Management

Maintain secure and organized digital records of all billing-related information, streamlining data retrieval and ensuring compliance with data security regulations.

Reporting and Analysis

Provide regular reports and insights on your practice's financial performance, claim success rates, and revenue trends, enabling you to make informed decisions for business growth and optimization.

How We Work: Our Industry-leading Approach to Mental Health Medical Billing

We present seamless mental health billing services from registration to reimbursement by driving revenue upwards, minimizing denials, and navigating patient experiences with care.

Patient Registration & Eligibility Verification
Patient Registration & Eligibility Verification
Gather essential demographic and insurance info and verify patient eligibility for accurate billing
Incorporating Progress Notes & Treatment Plans
Incorporating Progress Notes & Treatment Plans
Work closely with your practice to include patients' progress notes and long-term treatment plans for complete overview.
Accurate Medical Coding & Charge Entry
Accurate Medical Coding & Charge Entry
Certified coders translate progress notes into appropriate billing codes (ICD-10, ICD-11, CPT, HCPCS, E/M codes) for each session.
Error-Free Claims Submission
Error-Free Claims Submission
Submit clean claims electronically to insurance companies for faster processing.
Claims Follow-Up & Denial Management
Claims Follow-Up & Denial Management
Diligently monitor claim status and investigate denials for timely reimbursement.
Claims Follow-Up & Denial Management
Payment Posting & Reconciliation
Post payments accurately and reconcile against submitted claims.
Claims Follow-Up & Denial Management
Patient Billing & Collections Support
Generate patient statements and help with prompt collections.
Reporting & Analysis
Reporting & Analysis
Deliver regular reports on financial performance and claim success rates for informed decisions.
Data Security & Compliance
Data Security & Compliance
Maintain patient data securely with encrypted servers and strict access controls, complying with HIPAA regulations.

Mental Health Billing Services Delivering Transformative Healthcare Experiences

As a 100% HIPAA-compliant medical billing services provider, we prioritize the utmost security and confidentiality of patient data, ensuring peace of mind throughout the billing process. Our secure filing system ensures accurate record management and data quality, fostering sustainable revenue mapping for mental health service providers.

Through insightful reporting and analytics, we empower our clients to make informed decisions, optimizing their time and resources for even greater success in their practice.

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