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Bridging the Gap in Healthcare With Patient Care Coordinator Service

Outsource RCM has been tackling the challenges of patient care coordination for over 10 years across the U.S. We know that patient care coordinators must handle both inbound and outbound calls efficiently. Hence, we provide a balance of proactive outreach and conflicting appointment schedules.

The breadth of services we manage, from pre-authorization requests to medication refills, displays our versatility and expertise. We help you maintain up-to-date patient information and manage patient expectations effectively. Despite the challenges, our goal remains to provide a seamless and efficient service, making healthcare more accessible and manageable.

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Professional Patient Care Coordination Services by Outsource RCM Experts

The patient care coordinator system by OutsouceRCM is powered by 3CX softphone, which is crucial in handling both inbound and outbound calls. For outbound calls, we proactively reach out to patients to remind them of their upcoming appointments and confirm their arrival dates. If a patient needs to cancel or reschedule, we accommodate their requests based on schedule availability.

On the inbound side, our clinical care coordinator staff is always on standby, logged into the 3CX queue window, and ready to attend to incoming calls. These may range from scheduling requests, medication refill requests, authorization requests to see a specialist, clarifications on balance amounts due, or updates on insurance information.

About Us

Our Patient Care Coordinators, Your Partners in Health Management

At OutsourceRCM, our coordinators are dedicated to making healthcare more accessible and manageable for your patients. We keep track of up-to-date information, ensuring your patient’s health records are current and accurate. Despite the challenges, we provide a seamless and efficient service, ensuring your patient’s healthcare experience is as smooth as possible.

Seamless Patient Care Coordination Process

The process of patient care coordinator services at OutsourceRCM is a testament to our commitment to precision, efficiency, and patient satisfaction. It's designed to provide optimal healthcare experiences, ensuring patients receive the comprehensive and personalized care they deserve.

Data Collection and Aggregation
Medical Records Indexing
Patient care coordinators begin with detailed medical records indexing, linking incoming records to patients' charts.
Coding and Documentation
Patient Liaison
Efficient management of prescription drug and Durable Medical Equipment requests, liaising with doctors for prompt approval.
Claim Submission
Patient Scheduling
Our clinical care coordinators handle all aspects of patient scheduling, from appointment reminders to medication refill requests.
Follow-Up and Denial Management
Addressing Gaps in Care
Our healthcare team identifies and addresses gaps in patient care, ensuring patients receive necessary care without delay.
Payment Posting and Reconciliation
Transition of Care
Our patient care coordinators follow up with patients post-discharge from ER/hospitals, booking their next appointments to ensure continuity of care.
Medical Precharting
Medical Precharting
Our medical documentation team accesses and updates medical records prior to appointments, helping doctors provide the most effective care
Billing and Accounts Receivables
Billing and Accounts Receivables
Our billing department manages the financial aspects of patient care through proactive billing and accounts receivable follow-ups
Billing and Accounts Receivables
After-Hours Service
Our certified nurses manage calls outside business hours and connect patients to on-call doctors, ensuring round-the-clock care

Why Our Healthcare Coordinator Service Are a Cut Above the Rest?

Choose OutsourceRCM Experts for unmatched patient care coordinator service. Our clinical care coordinators excel at enhancing efficiency, patient satisfaction, and cost-effective patient care. Experience the best in healthcare coordinator service with OutsourceRCM.

Industry Expertise
Industry Expertise
Our precise medical records indexing reduces errors, improves care quality, and increases ROI.
Efficient Communication
Efficient Communication
Through our patient liaison services, we streamline communication, supporting improved patient satisfaction and positive KPI.
Seamless Scheduling
Seamless Scheduling
A robust patient scheduling system enhances patient experience, boosts productivity, and optimizes financial performance.
Claims Management
Claims Management
Efficient insurance referrals management expedites approvals, reduces costs, and improves cash flow, enhancing overall ROI.
Global Presence
Global Presence
8 global delivery centers ensure round-the-clock patient care coordination, enhancing satisfaction and boosting KPIs.
Enhanced Patient Satisfaction
Enhanced Patient Satisfaction
Our efficient communication and seamless scheduling bolster patient experience and retention.

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Make your healthcare management hassle-free with our expert patient care coordinator services