Case Studies

OutsourceRCM Boosts Efficiency with 98% Billing Accuracy and 24H Turnaround, Uplifting Patient Satisfaction


  • OutsourceRCM addressed the challenges of a Southern California-based clinical specialty pharmacy, who were facing issues with an ineffective invoicing procedure, resulting in delayed payments and decreased patient satisfaction.
  • They sought a comprehensive healthcare billing and record management solution.
  • OutsourceRCM seamlessly integrated a robust medical billing system, slashing task time and elevating operational efficiency, boasting a remarkable 98% accuracy and beyond.

The Story of our Customer

  • A California-based home infusion service provider struggled with inefficient billing and administrative burdens.
  • They sought OutsourceRCM' help to streamline their billing and record management.
  • Implementation of a new workflow led to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved patient satisfaction.

The challenge faced by our Customer

The following points outline the issues stemming from inefficient billing, leading to payment delays, administrative burdens, compliance risks, and elevated costs.

Key challenges identified:
  • Pay delays due to inefficient billing, leading to missing or incomplete data.
  • The absence of a proper billing system resulted in heightened administrative tasks, diverting attention from patient care and lowering patient satisfaction.
  • Inaccurate data collection exposed the client to compliance risks.
  • High collection, staffing, and resourcing expenses due to repeated submissions and delayed claims settlements.

The Solution

  • OutsourceRCM implemented a robust medical billing system, utilizing CPR+ software workflow, to streamline operations and ensure accurate and efficient processing of healthcare services payments.
  • All files were securely saved on an SFTP drive to maintain data integrity and prevent any leakage during transition, thus achieving an impressive 98% and above accuracy rate.
  • The new system allowed staff to focus more on patient care rather than administrative tasks, resulting in greater operational excellence and improved patient satisfaction.

The Result

OutsourceRCM devised a customized strategy to enhance healthcare staff efficiency through modernized billing workflows. This approach reduces time spent on repetitive tasks, ensuring precise financial records and claims management.

  • Attained accuracy levels of 98% and above.
  • Guaranteed a 24-hour Turnaround Time (TAT) for every file received.
  • Initial deployment of 1 FTE for comprehensive end-to-end process handling.
  • Achieved operational excellence and enhanced patient satisfaction through efficient medical billing and claims management resource utilization.

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