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We are meticulous translators, turning intricate healthcare voices into flawlessly written records.

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Leading Medical Transcription Services for Accurate Documentation

Since 2004, OutsourceRCM has been a trailblazer in accurate, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services. Our cutting-edge technology and infrastructure make us the preferred choice for healthcare providers, including pathology laboratories, hospitals, clinics, medical practices, radiology centers, and research institutions. Elevate your documentation accuracy for legal compliance and quality improvement by outsourcing transcription to us—experience excellence in every word.

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From Specialties to General Practice: Medical Transcription Demystified

Embark on a comprehensive journey through medical transcription as we uncover a diverse array of services, ranging from specialized fields to the broader scope of general practice, providing you with a thorough understanding of this vital healthcare practice.

General Medical Transcription

We capture the essence of patient care through accurate transcriptions of histories, exams, progress notes, discharge summaries, and consultations.

Specialty-Specific Excellence

Radiology Transcriptione
Unveil the meaning behind X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds with expertly transcribed radiology reports.
Pathology Transcription
Delve into the world of specimens and analyses with meticulous transcriptions from pathologists.
Cardiology Transcription
Decode heart health with transcriptions detailing echocardiograms, stress tests, and more.
Orthopedic Transcription
Navigate orthopedic surgeries and treatments through detailed transcriptions.
Gastroenterology Transcription
Explore endoscopies and colonoscopies with clear and concise transcribed reports.
Dermatology Transcription
Uncover skin-related insights through transcriptions of examinations, biopsies, and treatment plans.
EMR Transcription
Accurately capture patient data and clinical narratives with comprehensive Electronic Medical Record transcription services.
EHR Transcription
Ensure seamless health records management with our accurate and timely Electronic Health Record transcription services.
Medical Reports Transcription
Unlock crucial insights from medical reports through our expert, precise transcription services.
Neurology Transcription
Navigate the complexities of the nervous system with detailed transcriptions of neurology reports and findings.
Oncology Transcription
Illuminate the path of cancer treatment and research with thorough transcriptions of oncology reports.
Ophthalmology Transcription
Gain clarity on eye health through detailed transcriptions of ophthalmology examinations and treatment plans.
Urology Transcription
Discover in-depth insights into urinary tract health with precise transcriptions of urology reports.

Precision in Practice

Operative Transcription
Elevate surgical comprehension with transcriptions detailing procedures, findings, and aftercare instructions.
Emergency Room (ER) Transcription
Capture urgent care nuances with transcribed reports encompassing assessments, diagnoses, and treatment plans.
Discharge Summary Transcription
Summarize hospital stays comprehensively with transcriptions detailing diagnoses, treatments, and post-discharge guidance.
Progress Note Transcription
Follow patient journeys with transcribed notes documenting progress during hospital stays and outpatient visits.
Consultation Note Transcription
Gain insights from specialist consultations through detailed transcriptions outlining reasons, findings, and recommendations.
History and Physical (H&P) Transcription
Relive patient histories, health status, and exams through meticulously transcribed reports.
Telemedicine Transcription
Bridge the virtual gap with transcribed reports from remote patient-provider interactions.
Medical Conference Transcription
Relive medical events through transcriptions of proceedings, discussions, and presentations.
Medical Research Transcription
Transform research insights into text with transcribed interviews, discussions, and focus groups.
Legal and Medical-Legal Transcription
Secure insights for legal matters with transcribed reports tailored for medical and legal contexts.
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OutsourceRCM – Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Discover the future of healthcare efficiency with OutsourceRCM' outsourced medical transcription. Unlock 20-30% more time for patient care, ensure 98-99% accuracy, and reduce costs by up to 30%. Experience enhanced workflows, quicker report turnaround, and scalable solutions. Optimize your practice today with OutsourceRCM!

Realize the Power of OutsourceRCM' Medical Transcription Services through Captivating Case Studies

Immerse yourself in the possibilities offered by OutsourceRCM' medical transcription services by exploring our compelling case studies. Witness the remarkable outcomes we've achieved for healthcare establishments, empowering them to harness their potential for accurate documentation and communication fully.

case study

Expertly Managing Extensive Healthcare Records and Customer Support for a US Healthcare BPO

case study

Comprehensive Back Office Support Solutions for a Health Insurance Company in California

case study

Maximized Billing Efficiency through Medisoft Software Integration for an Internal Medicine Practice in Florida

Rave Reviews for OutsourceRCM' Medical Transcription Excellence

Joan Palmeiri, President,
Healthcare Consulting company
I want to thank you both for the great job you are doing. I could not be happier with my decision to work with you. I am looking forward to our continued relationship and growth.
Kavita Wadhwani,
OutsourceRCM helped us identify the errors in our billing system that led to delays & losses. Today, we do not worry about internal billing anymore.
Dr. Naras Bhat,
Allergy & Weight Loss Center, PA
They have managed our RCM services with such competency that we have maximized reimbursement year-on-year.
Healthcare Management Consultant, TX
The team at OutsourceRCM has reduced the burden on my shoulders and made my life so much easier! They are extremely professional and never seem to skip a beat. I am extremely glad that I found them and recommend everyone to give their services a try.
Private Practice Therapist,
Your knowledge of billing codes and carrier specific ancillary forms is second to none. I have never had such an experience of claims coming back so much faster. What I like the most is despite having over 200 other clients to attend to, you never fail to deliver first class customer service and results to us.
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