Simple and straightforward pricing structure with no hidden costs - this is what makes our medical billing and coding services cost-effective and popular.

Our pricing structure is appropriately categorized to focus on increasing clients’ business revenues. Our services take care that your medical claims are filed with minimal rejections; multiple accounts are managed with ease, and accurate payments are posted to shrink customer A/R.

We do not have a rigid pricing structure, and provide our clients the freedom to choose a pricing model that best meets their business demands in least price. Following are the different pricing models, we offer:

General Pricing

Our prices vary between $4 per read to $65 per read depending on the kind of reads (pre-reads or certified reads).

FTE (Full Time Equivalent) Model

The Full Time Equivalent Model provides you dedicated personnel working for pre-defined hours. This is ideal for long-term projects with large volumes of work. The price ranges between $1300 to $1800 per FTE per month.

Percentage of Collections Model

In this model, a client is charged only for those claims where we have directly assisted in collections. Prices may vary depending on the kind of reads and type of service provided.

Transaction Based Pricing Model

In this model you can pay for the number of transactions or per unit of work performed, This pricing structure offers you more cost savings and improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Customized Pricing Model

We customize the pricing structure depending upon the type of service and the complexity of the task. We tailor-make a pricing structure after analysing the client’s billing requirements and revert within 1 business day.

Pricing Disclaimer:

Please note that the prices mentioned on the site are only tentative, and may vary with the project type, terms of contract, complexity of work and skills and experience required, among other factors.

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