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OutsourceRCM:- A HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing and Coding Services Company

At OutsourceRCM, we place patient information privacy and security rules at the forefront of our services which is why all our billing and coding consortium transcription teams comply with HIPAA regulations. We use customized workflows supported by billing software packages to strictly adhere to the privacy and security of medical records. Our services are crafted to ensure that your medical practice adheres to HIPAA rules and regulations.

How We Ensure We Are 100% HIPAA Compliant

As a global medical billing and coding services company, our primary focus lies in data security and its administration. From the meticulous monitoring of computer systems and networks to the installation of physical security services, we deliver a world class solution that is renowned by medical practices across the globe:

Here’s why we are your ideal service partner:

Data Security Management

We implement security software such as firewalls and anti-virus systems to ensure that patient information such as treatment and insurance details do not move out of the designated network. We use Remote administration and monitoring of entire network to detect vulnerabilities and intrusions. We restrict information access to personnel based on their job role.

Training and Development

We use interesting media such as e-learning, interactive classroom learning and on the job training to implement business standards into our training programs. From providing downloads on how to use updated medical billing systems to e-learning and interactive classroom sessions we provide your employees with thorough training on workplace data security and HIPAA compliance to improve the data security of your practice

Physical Security

We provide the same robust level of physical security as we do with your computer systems, to protect information health and prevent theft of information from access points like personal computers, mobile devices, fax machines and printers. We implement exhaustive workplace security devices and provide assistance with the administration of these systems to secure your workplace and business data

Background Check

We perform detailed background checks on all our employees before on boarding their services. From the review of employee work history and conduct with previous employers to undertaking of an agreement from employees to maintain confidentiality of client business data in the workplace, our HIPAA compliance measures have always boosted the confidence of clients.

Other HIPAA compliant Measures

  • Our medical coding and billing process is fully HIPAA compliant
  • We bank on medical coding best practices and workflows that conform to HIPAA regulations
  • We implement strategic safeguard measures like password protected computers, data backup, firewalls and antivirus to protect client data
  • We carry out periodic compliance reviews and audits to review compliance adherence of billing and coding services
  • Our team of medical billing and coding experts have in depth knowledge of unique identification codes for medical procedures, as per HIPAA regulations
  • We deploy ethical business practices that provide full disclosure and accountability of services to the client

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