Case Studies

OutsourceRCM: Streamlining Demographic and Charge Entry Process for a renowned US-based specialty care service provider


Founded in 1995, our esteemed client is a prominent specialty care provider based in Georgia, USA. They specialize in delivering a range of specialized medical services that encompass Cardiology Services and orthopedic Services and ensuring the highest standards of patient care and medical expertise.

The client sought a comprehensive, long-term, and scalable solution to manage rapid business growth, align resources with expanding customer demands, and enhance service efficiency while ensuring cost-effectiveness and quality.

OutsourceRCM provided a comprehensive solution by strategically addressing challenges, including workflow optimization, multi-tier quality control, dedicated back-office support, task categorization, and project management, which resulted in significant cost reduction and improved productivity.

The Story of our Customer

  • The client faced a substantial obstacle in effectively managing patient demographic data. Issues such as transcription errors, duplicate entries, varied data storage, and constantly changing patient information impeded the efficiency of demographic and charge entry processes.
  • Pursuing a revolutionary solution, they turned to OutsourceRCM's and our cutting-edge Medisoft Software. This innovative technology eradicated errors, optimized data management, and reinvigorated their operations, reaffirming their dedication to excellence.

The challenge faced by our Customer

Converting an underdeveloped process into a seamlessly efficient one presented a significant undertaking. The primary hurdles encompassed:

  • Detecting outdated, incomplete, and inaccurate data.
  • Assessing the ripple effects of errors from one segment to the broader organizational landscape.
  • We are devising a robust methodology to systematically capture and refresh patient demographic profiles.

The Solution

In response to challenges within distinct workflow settings, we executed the following steps:

  • Conducted a comprehensive comparison of existing data against nationwide, updated datasets.
  • Remedied errors, completed missing information, and rectified outdated demographic entries.
  • She has meticulously validated errors across various client health system segments.

With these concerns effectively managed, we engineered a tailored solution, enabling the client to examine patient registries and master indexes routinely. This empowered them to identify and address duplicate records and data discrepancies.

The Result

Leveraging our services, the client achieved noteworthy enhancements to their demographic and charge entry process, including:

  • Streamlining the demographic entry workflow for greater efficiency.
  • Ensuring accurate entries through real-time matching with refreshed data, rectifying any discrepancies.
  • Minimizing claim rejections by meticulously processing insurance information.
  • Amplifying collections and payment efficiency.
  • Mitigating risk exposure.
  • Alleviating stress for employees.

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