Case Studies

Enhanced Rehabilitation Transcription Services for Transitioning to a New EHR Software


Established in 1994, our esteemed client is a leading medical foundation in Avon, Indianapolis. With a substantial 272-bed hospital, they excel in post-surgery rehabilitation and emergency care, serving 28,000 ER cases annually.

Offering specialized consultations, advanced surgeries, and patient-centered rehabilitation, their skilled healthcare team employs cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive medical services.

The client sought to improve billing and revenue practices by adopting a new EHR software. They needed support for processing 3000 rehabilitation cases, transcription, and electronic conversion.

We seamlessly provided top-tier rehab transcription reports, aligning them with software needs, resulting in impressive outcomes for the client.

The Story of our Customer

  • Established in 1994, our renowned client operates as a prominent medical foundation in Avon, Indianapolis. They serve a substantial 272-bed hospital known for its excellence in post-surgery rehabilitation and emergency care, attending to 28,000 ER cases yearly.
  • Their expertise encompasses specialized consultations, advanced surgeries, and patient-centric rehabilitation, delivered by a proficient healthcare team using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring comprehensive medical services.
  • Faced with the need for enhanced billing and revenue practices, the client aimed to transition to a new EHR software. Processing 3000 rehabilitation care cases and converting detailed transcriptions into electronic format posed a complex challenge, leading them to seek our expertise in EHR selection, implementation, and optimization.

The challenge faced by our Customer

Our primary hurdle involved comprehending the documentation criteria and procedures of the center, coupled with the rigorous compliance standards for rehab therapists. Additionally, we needed to navigate the following intricacies:

  • Ensuring patient information accessibility post-conversion
  • Implementing effective data conversion methods into the EHR
  • Guaranteeing high-quality converted data
  • Timely transition of the entire practice online
  • Managing the extensive historical data conversion requirements.

The Solution

  • Formed a skilled multidisciplinary team comprising doctors, assistants, nurses, managers, and experienced transcriptionists.
  • Collaborated with client representatives for insights into patient care data and data selection for conversion.
  • Identified key data types for EHR conversion, including patient demographics, problem lists, procedures, medications, and allergies.
  • Managers provided clear documentation guidelines and software training to data entry executives.
  • Implemented parallel schedule for data entry, auditing, error documentation, and correction.
  • Ensured seamless conversion with data integrity, accuracy, and completeness for enhanced efficiency.

The Result

  • Delivered high-quality rehab transcription reports synced with software requirements.
  • Resulted in a substantial 35% increase in overall revenue.
  • Significantly reduced errors and backlogs.
  • Achieved impressive 40% savings on operating costs.
  • Improved patient care and participation.

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