Case Studies

OutsourceRCM Revolution Slashes AR Days and Boosts Revenues, Cutting AR to Under 10%


  • Our client is a Florida-based medical practice, established in 2009, seeking efficient medical billing solutions.
  • Their objective is to reduce AR days, ensure consistent charge flow, and solve claims issues.
  • We're providing comprehensive solutions, including identifying underpayment causes, streamlining billing, and improving communication strategies.

The Story of our Customer

  • The client is a renowned Florida-based medical practice with over 20 skilled practitioners offering diverse medical aid services.
  • Their healthcare services include diagnostics, treatment plans, surgeries, consultations, medication management, and preventive care.
  • Their expert team focuses on catering to varied patient needs, ensuring optimal health outcomes and patient well-being.

The Challenge

  • Inconsistent charge flow leads to claims accumulation.
  • Contract policy violations due to improper claims processing.
  • Need for follow-up on claims.
  • Enrollment-related problems cause increased claim denials.
  • Delays from coding errors during claims processing.
  • System issues resulting in underpayment or non-payment of claims.
  • Claims denial due to authorization issues.

The Result

  • Streamlined workflows and targeted goals for comprehensive medical billing.
  • Implementation of a well-structured reporting system.
  • Efficient communication via calls and emails.
  • Enrolled non-par physicians with both non-government and government carriers.
  • Resolved issues affecting physician revenues.
  • Reduced outstanding AR to under 10% and halved AR days.
  • Addressed authorization-related problems.
  • Enhanced follow-up methods and appeals processes.
  • Offering lasting solutions and escalating issues appropriately.

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