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According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, medical transcription services market is expected to reach USD 60.6 billion in 2019. All this depicts that medical transcription outsourcing services are well accepted in healthcare sector. But, who to outsource medical transcription services is the talk of the town. And, it is highly advisable that you follow your business interests and desirables while selecting the provider out of tons of them.

To keep things simpler for you, we have clubbed few but key features that a medical transcription company should have in order to serve the purpose-

1. Stick to Quality and Accuracy

Here more is not better than quality and accuracy. That means, a provider who promises more deliverables but lesser quality and accuracy should not be chosen over the one which delivers best quality medical transcription services with perfect accuracy.

These types of errors not only hampers the revenue, but it also takes away a chunk of time and resources for correcting the information and submitting these erroneous claims again. Hence, it is a practice to put emphasis on these areas at the time of capturing. In fact, a separate team should be formed within the hospital for documentation and cross checking these information regarding the patient.

2. Good Turnaround Time:

Time also plays a very important role if you want to outsource transcription services to any medical transcription company. A provider should have turnaround time of not more than 24 hours. However, companies which can commit lesser time than this with desired quality can be selected as your offshore medical transcription partner.

3. Communication and Flexibility in Files:

To keep the process of medical transcription services smooth, you have to ensure all the various communication channels are open between the provider and the company, irrespective of whether it is email, chat, call or any other mode of communication. The team should also make sure that files of deliverables should be in the format which is desired by them and the providers should be flexible enough to obey the rules and satisfy the needs of the company in terms of communication and deliverables.

4. Has Latest Technology and Software Compatibility:

Like other medical services, medical transcription services also depend on technology to an extent. Companies which have better technology and medical software ensure good quality and timely deliverables. Hence, a provider should give access to the latest transcription software and other related technologies. Also, these technologies should be compatible with your medical organization’s inhouse software as everything has to work together.

5. Ensures Stringent Security:

If you are outsourcing medical transcription services to any provider, you are essentially sharing, several sensitive and important information with them. Therefore, security has to be maintained at all cost. Your data should be secured and all the files be safe. In fact, you should make sure that the medical transcription company that you are partnering is following confidentially agreement throughout the work.

6. Offers High Return on Investment:

Medical transcription company should also focus on cost. Providers which have competitive price and is offering a lucrative return on investment should be preferred. You should not choose a provider which is costing you much but the outcome is not synchronizing with respect to the price of the outsourcing services. That means, there should be a positive correlation between the cost and the outcome.

7. Explicit Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions of the medical transcription service provider should be simple, clear and direct. There should not be any hidden cost and other administrative charges. A provider should be ‘OK’ to share and discuss everything before hand from accuracy to delivery time and other important outsourcing rules and regulations. If all that is up to the mark and agreeable then a company can move ahead and outsource medical transcription services.

The concept of outsourcing medical transcription services is beneficial only if you select the right service provider. It is also evident that all the above mentioned qualities are hard to find in any provider but with OutsourceRCM it is possible. We make sure that we deliver quality work with stringent security at very reasonable time. For more details please get in touch with us and we will wow you with our medical transcription services.

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