Biggest Medical Billing Issues of 2018

Medical billing is the most tedious and complex procedure out of the all health care procedures. And, this becomes more intricate and troublesome if changes are introduced. If the latest modifications in the process are not tracked and implemented properly then issues might crop up at any time. Last year has witnessed major changes and this year is expected to be no different. As a result, the possibility of medical billing issues are on the top as ever.

Here are few issues which medical organization may have to consider in the current year

Repercussions of ICD shift:

Despite of unsmooth transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and CMS’s declaration about faults in the reporting measures, medical organizations are still struggling with ICD-10 codes. The inaccurate codes are not only affecting the accuracy but revenue cycle is also getting affected adversely. Even after the identification of coding challenges by AHIMA, and deep analysis of errors like, wrongly applying seventh characters for fracture and trauma codes, procedure code’s inappropriate use, medical billing issues are still persist.

Preparation for MACRA:

MACRA is scheduled to come into picture from Jan1, 2019, and is believed to bring many changes within the healthcare sector. And, as per CMS, practitioners have to make some specific refinements within their operations to leverage healthcare data of 2017 and make payment adjustments in 2019 after MACRA implementation. But, on the other hand, not many practitioners have made the necessary arrangements in advance to fulfill its requirements. In fact, as per a recent survey, 84% medical organizations are not sure about MACRA essentials because of unclear guidelines and other specifications. With all this, it is explicit that medical organizations cannot adapt a short-sighted approach to develop and avail its benefits.

Recruiting and training workforce:

Wrong hiring and not providing appropriate training leads to bad documentation, wrong coding and inaccurate claims especially in medical billing process. To avoid these issues, identifying, recruiting and providing training to correct candidates for the post is required, which is a tedious task noticed in the current year. Although, due to the need of the hour organization can train the existing human resource to follow the process in medical billing but to make them aware about the recent billing refinements, require a proper training session which has to be given by well informed trainer, which is not an easy thing to do. And, finding a decent asset with better coding abilities and later on upgrading his skills is likewise unreasonably expensive for couple of restorative associations because of high cost and absence of talented trainers.

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