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The complexities of medical billing, navigating regulatory requirements, and handling patient records can drain productivity and hinder revenue generation. With a profound understanding of industry nuances, OutsourceRCM can help you witness a remarkable 35% reduction in claims denials.

By entrusting us with your medical billing services, you liberate valuable time and experience an increase in administrative efficiency. Our adept solutions have successfully boosted revenue for our clients, enabling them to channel resources where they matter most: patient care.

Join us and get help alleviating administrative burdens and propelling your practice toward unparalleled success.

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Outsourcing Medical Billing Services for Error-free Billing Submissions

Our medical billing specialists stay concurrent with the ever-dynamic healthcare regulations. When outsourcing medical billing services to us, we combine our up-to-date knowledge and expertise to deliver quality medical billing services in the face of evolving regulatory changes.

Claims Submission and Processing
Claims Submission
and Processing

Efficiently submit medical claims to insurance companies and ensure prompt reimbursement through diligent follow-up.

Coding and Documentation
Coding and Documentation

Precisely code medical procedures and diagnoses for accurate billing, ensuring compliance standards are met to support successful claims.

Denial Management and Appeals
Denial Management and Appeals

Swiftly address denied claims, taking necessary actions and submitting effective appeals for overturning.

Payment Posting and Reconciliation
Payment Posting and Reconciliation

Thoroughly handle payments from insurers and patients, identifying and resolving discrepancies in the process.

AR Follow-up & Denial Management
AR Follow-up & Denial Management

Proactively manage denied claims, ensuring timely payments and enhancing billing processes through analysis.

Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive Reporting

Offer informed financial insights by analyzing EHR data, including detailed explanations of Benefits (EOB) statements.

Patient Billing and Inquiries
Patient Billing and Inquiries

Generate clear patient bills with explanations while effectively managing inquiries and facilitating payment arrangements.

Insurance Verification and Eligibility
Insurance Verification and Eligibility

Thoroughly verify patient insurance coverage and eligibility, maintaining up-to-date insurance information for accurate billing.

Benefits We Bring to Your Healthcare Business Through Our Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing your medical billing services to OutsourceRCM comes with a plethora of advantages. We monitor KPIs like claims resolution rate, total collection rate, and more. This data-driven approach enables us to identify areas for improvement and optimize your healthcare RCM.

Navigating the Spectrum of Medical Billing Services

Seamless Medical Billing Process from Patient Registration to Revenue Realization

Data Collection and Aggregation
Patient Data Collection
We begin by collecting accurate patient information, including demographics, insurance details, and medical history, ensuring a solid foundation for the billing process.
Coding and Documentation
Coding and Documentation
Our expert coders meticulously translate medical procedures, diagnoses, and services into standardized codes, ensuring compliance with billing requirements and maximizing reimbursement potential.
Claim Submission
Claim Submission
Once coding is complete, we electronically submit claims to insurance providers using industry-standard formats and protocols. This step ensures swift processing and minimizes delays in reimbursement.
Follow-Up and Denial Management
Follow-Up and Denial Management
We actively track the status of submitted claims, promptly addressing any denials, rejections, or discrepancies. Our team conducts rigorous follow-ups to resolve issues and ensure maximum claim acceptance.
Payment Posting and Reconciliation
Payment Posting and Reconciliation
Upon successful claim processing, we accurately post payments, adjusting for co-pays, deductibles, and insurance payments. Regular reconciliation ensures that all payments are accounted for, maintaining financial transparency.

Transforming Healthcare Revenue Management with Unmatched Medical Coding and Billing

Precision in Revenue Maximization

Our proven expertise in medical billing ensures optimal revenue capture, boasting claims acceptance rate.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By leveraging our medical coding and billing services, medical billing companies can access high-quality, affordable support.

Comprehensive Denial Management

Our medical billing services can help you slash denial rates by 65%, safeguarding your bottom line and reducing revenue leakage.

Efficiency through Expertise

Our ICD-11 experts achieve a 95% audit success rate, ensuring compliance accuracy and minimizing audit risk.

Empowering Patient Care

By relieving billing burdens, we empower healthcare providers to dedicate more time to patient well-being.

Navigating Regulatory Rigor

Our 95% audit success rate assures HAPPA compliance and eases the burden of evolving healthcare regulations.

Streamlined Revenue Cycle

Our medical coding and billing integrate with your billing processes, accelerating cash flow, and reducing billing cycle time, enhancing financial stability.

Unlocking Success: Inspiring Case Studies on Healthcare Offshore Service

Success Stories: Where the transformative power of OutsourceRCM' services is vividly conveyed through the voices of our esteemed clients. These authentic accounts shed light on how our expertise in medical billing services has redefined healthcare support.

case study

Comprehensive Back Office Support for a Health Insurance Company in California

case study

Optimized Billing Service by using Medisoft Software, for an internal medicine practice in Florida, specialized in non-surgical illnesses

case study

Expert Management of Extensive Healthcare Records & Customer Support for a USA-based Healthcare BPO

Simplify medical coding and billing with our expert services. Let us transform your healthcare billing for a success!